Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Bulldog Tools made? 

The Bulldog Premier garden range is made at our factory in Wigan, England. We have been making tools on the same site since 1780. To this day we finish the heads, assemble the product and produce our own handles from the best quality ash using techniques that have not changed in generations.

Are they forged in the UK?

The high cost of power required us to move our machinery abroad a number of years ago. Our partner factory in India still produces Bulldog forgings using our own tooling & machines. Our quality standards are followed by the production team to ensure that product is of the highest standard.

Do you use FSC timber?

Bulldog has an FSC registration. We use a mixture of FSC timber as well as quality timber from sustainable sources in Europe and North America to manufacture our wooden handles.

Are the tools of British standard?

Our spades and forks are solid forged from one piece of steel for strength. Our forged heads are tested to & exceed British standard BS3388 by exceeding (90kg) 200lbs loading without bending.

Is there a lifetime guarantee?

The Bulldog guarantee for our forged spades & forks is for the lifetime of the tool. We consider this to be a period of 25 years against faulty workmanship. We sometimes get tools submitted to us that have just “worn out”. These would not be considered faulty. Bulldog make some of the strongest spades and forks in the world, they are built to last.

We do not give extended guarantees on cutting tools or hand tools.

Do you supply spare parts for cutting tools?

Our cutting tools are made to a high standard. They are designed for rugged use, but in some instances it has been known for excessive force or leverage to be applied to the tool. For this reason we are unable to offer repair or spare parts for our cutting tools.

How strong are the tools?

Bulldog’s forged heads are made from one piece of steel. The fact that they are made from one solid piece means that they have no weak points or welds where they can break. The “frog” of the head, which is the part where the head meets the shaft is solid & made from the same piece of steel. This gives the head great strength.

Are the tools painted?

Our tools are not painted, they are powder coated to ensure greater durability and resistance to the harsh environment in which they work. Once powder coated, the heads are baked in an oven to give extra strength.

What is the history of Bulldog Tools?

Bulldog tools was formed in 1780. It has been on the same site for all of this time. Known under a number of different names over the years the business sits on the site of the Clarington river, which runs below the factory to this day. History states that the site was originally the site of a monastery where the first tools were created.

Over the years Bulldog tools used to be one of many companies making spades and shovels for industry. There were over 100 mines that were supplied with tools from the Bulldog factory in the Wigan area alone back in the 1800’s.

Do you make "custom" tools?

While we love hearing your ideas for new & exciting tools we are unable to make custom tools. If you have an idea for a new product please send it to