Rabbiting Spade

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The Bulldog Rabbiting Spade was originally designed for digging out rabbit burrows. The shape of the blade originates from when the spade was used to dig small hunting dogs such as Jack Russell's out of the rabbit hole. Today it is the perfect tool for cutting through soil with minimum effort. The curved blade is ideal when working in confined spaces or for transplanting plants and shrubs by digging tight into the root ball without effecting other plants. The head of the tool may show signs of being "worked" in places. each spade is hand forged front one piece of solid steel.

Available with wood "D" & "T". 

Key Features

  • Narrow curved blade
  • Handle length 28" (711mm)
  • Ash handle used for strength & durability
  • Solid Forged
  • Head size 10.5" x 5.5" (270 x 140mm)